Moscow Riichi Open 2018

Moscow Riichi Open will be held this weekend!
Bookshop «Shans Boku», which hosts our Championship, prepared for the tournament participants a few surprises.
Firstly, the «Japanese Tea House in Moscow» provided prizes for the winners of our Championship — authentic japanese tea (prizes from the organizers will remain secret until the award ceremony).
And secondly, the Championship will be opened by the ensemble of Japanese drums «Miyabi» (Moscow Conservatory). Sounds of traditional Japanese drums will certainly raise the fighting spirit of the players before the battle for the title of Champion of Moscow!
Details of the tournament (schedule, rules, etc.) can be found on the tournament page on our website.
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Japanese automatic riichi-mahjong table in «Tesuji» club

Dear friends, we have very happy news!

Japanese automatic riichi-mahjong table was delivered to «Tesuji» club! It's completed with tiles with appropriate size and it even counts and displays score.
The players of «Tesuji» will be able to use it at our traditional Friday meetings. It will also be available on other days during the work of hobby-club «Trilogia» (from 11 am to 11 pm).

There will be a manual for those who want to buy a Japanese automatic table for themselves or their club on our site in the near future.

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