PC Reach Mahjong — Saikyo

Saikyo no 3D is the best offline PC reach mahjong.

0.6 version, Russian language. Download: Saikyo 0.6 (45 Mb)






version 0.9, Russian language and Akagi-Tetsuya mode! Download: Saikyo 0.9 Legend Killer Mode (35 Mb)






Version 2.0! HiRes textures, Japanese interface only.

Download: Saikyo 2.0 for PC (76 Mb)

Instructions for 2.0:

  1. Unarchive.
  2. Rename: smj_ii.reg.txt to smj_ii.reg and double click it to change the Windows registry.
  3. If Japanese symbols are corrupted — run the game through AppLocale.

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