On the main Russian Riichi-resource — Mahjong Portal, you can watch the current games of Russian players having an account in the second dan lobby on the tenhou.net server: https://mahjong.click/en/tenhou/games/.

To watch the game, just click on the player's nickname, and on the tenhou.net window that opens, select the convenient viewing mode (flash or web).

The name of the player is written in brackets, if you click on it, you will be switch over to player profile on the Portal.

In addition, on the Portal you can see a list of Russian player’s tenhou accounts https://mahjong.click/en/tenhou/accounts/

And, of course, on Mahjong Portal announces upcoming Russian tournaments (including online) and saves the results of the past tournaments: https://mahjong.click/en/tournaments/riichi/2018/, also publishes a tournament rating of Russian players.

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