Daria Ilina

Nickname: Samhaina
Riichi-Portal profile: Daria Ilina
Playing since: 2012
Favourite yaku: sanshoku
Favourite online client: tenhou.net
Preferred rules: JPML-A
For me, riichi is: a model of the universe. You win if you develop what you get from the start with the maximum efficiency while opposing the environment and at the same time utilizing it.
Achievements: Vologda Riichi Championship 2014 — 2nd place, Russian Open Riichi Championship 2015 — 4th place, Great Wave Tournament 2017 (Finland) — 5th place
Contribution to club development: participation in club events, club meetings arrangement
Personal goals: winning an EMA tournament, winning a tournament with JPML-A rules, «Tesuji» club well-being and the improvement of its members' riichi skills