Dmitry Zubko — President

Name: Dmitry Zubko
Nickname: KazenoStigma, Stigma, Zeppi
Age: 21
Playing experience: 2 years
Favourite yaku: Chanta, Junchan, Chii Toitsu
Favourite mahjong client:
Preferred rules: kuitan ari, aka nasi, no additional doras
For me, mahjong is: a serious sports/club game which requires deep comprehension and helps a person to develop a number of ordinary and extraordinary skills.
Contribution to club development: founder and president of club Tesuji, events organizer, responsible for relations with Japanese mahjong organisations.
Personal goals: to continue my development as a player, to apprehend the unknown aspects of the game, to take part in mahjong tournaments in Japan, to popularise reach mahjong in Russia, to organise mahjong events.


+7 910 982 54 87

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