Dmitry Konishchev — CEO

Name: Konishchev Dmitry
Nickname: anonslou, tsuuisou, R2
Age: 27
Playing experience: >2 years
Favourite yaku: Sanshoku
Favourite mahjong client:
Preferred rules: kuitan ari, aka nasi
For me, mahjong is: a unique game which allows to develop such skills as situational analysis and risk assessment, teaches us to make balanced decisions and helps to build confidence.
Contribution to club development: mahjong VODs and lectures, master classes, training. The author of the idea of School of Japanese mahjong.
Personal goals: I hope to see a place in Russia where everyone could learn to play mahjong, to feel the spirit of the game and where skilled players could find worthy opponents.


+7 903 723 08 32

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