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On 13 May 2012 club «Tesuji» with the assistance of Cultural Center «Japan House» organises the Reach Mahjong Tournament.

The tournament will be one day long consisting of 4 playing sessions of 1,5 hours each. Time: 9:00-19:00. Players will be ranked according to their average place, if they are even — according to the sum of their points.

Rules: Japanese Riichi. General conventions: kuitan (open tanyao), no akas, no double yakumans. Falling below zero is allowed. No oka, no uma.

The entry fee is 600 roubles (~ €14,5). The registration will be open 2-3 months before the tournament day. For players from other cities we start the registration a week earlier. Maximum number of players: 40 (might be increased). The place: Business Center «Japan House».

A valuable first prize is guaranteed.

The complete rule set will be announced no later than two weeks before the tournament.

NB! You should know the rules and have an experience with playing offline. Organisers have a right to ask for a qualification game, if you have little practice and can not provide any recommendations.

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